Golden Motor 500 watt BLDC motor with hall question??

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Golden Motor 500 watt BLDC motor with hall question??


Newbe here, I have this motor and want to run a 48V 1000 Watt or 48V 1500 Watt controller with hall sensor and I'm not sure which way to go? Also both of the controllers have a hall sensor in them but so does the motor so its a 3 part question.

1. Is over volting to 1000 or 1500 watt to much for this motor?

2. If there is a hall sensor in the motor can you also have a hall sensor on the controller?

3. What could happen with the 2 questions above?

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Re: Golden Motor 500 watt BLDC motor with hall question??

hey, just going on what little info i found through research into replacing hall sensors...
1. i have no idea sorry :S
2. the hall sensors in the motor are for timing, they determine the location of the motor and dictate which coil(s) should be going in which direction to make turnys happen. they are in basic terms (very basic) an electromagnetic switch, hence how they determine the location of the motor due to magnets. i have never heard of controllers that have hall sensors in them because what would they be sensing? theres no magnets to sense!!! there is however controller that rely on the "clap" of the electric motors coils to determine the location of the wheel and i am assuming this is what you are talking about (sorry if im wrong, just "trying" to help :P). so from a general stand point in choosing a setup you can either have one where the motor tells the controller its location (through hall sensors) or a controller that (magically) determines the location of the wheel all by itself.
3. ... well i tried to answer 2 :P

hope this is helpful in some small way and also that the reply isnt too late, because it is hard to get a reply around here.

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