How many accessory amps can I use?

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How many accessory amps can I use?

I got Gerbing heated gear so I can commute to work year round on my C124. I have a low tolerance for cold so it's this or put the bike away for the winter. My question is what is the maximum number of amps I can safely draw from the dc-dc converter. My heated gear is connected through a fuse so I want to know what size fuse I should put in the fuse socket to prevent the converter from blowing out. The gear comes with 3, 5, 7.5, 10, and 15amp fuses as my choices. Which one should I use? I may blow a few fuses figuring out how high I can turn up the gear but fuses are cheaper than dc-dc converters so I'm fine with that.

The fuse is my short term solution Long term I want to upgrade the converter or add a second one. I also intend to replace all the lights with leds including the headlights to reduce accessory load. My jacket liner draws a Max of 7.4 amps when cranked all the way up. The gloves, 2.2 and the pants 4.5.

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Re: How many accessory amps can I use?

According to my owner's manual, the accessory plug is already fused with a 10 amp fuse. So, you gear fuse should be that value or lower. See pages 15 and 32 of the manual.

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