E-Bikes Going Up Hill a

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E-Bikes Going Up Hill a

Has there been a major improvement in the hill-climbing ability of e-bikes over the last 2 years? I dream of getting a throttled e-bike but I live in a hilly area and I wonder if it would be useless.

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Re: E-Bikes Going Up Hill a

Hey Don S Schaeffer, I also live in a hilly area so I also looked for something similar and your dream has come reality and affordable there are electric mountain bikes being sold I really like the speed ultimate edition electric mountain bike which you can see on the following link http://www.scootercity.co.uk/electric-bikes/z6-21-speed-ultimate-edition-electric-mountain-bike-26-black.html It has the brushless motor have plenty of power and will push the bike easily thorough hilly areas in a good speed. It looks very nice and the price really did it for me. Check it out

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