The RYNO "Micro-Cycle" now available for pre-order

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The RYNO "Micro-Cycle" now available for pre-order

The RYNO looks like a motorcycle, but it has only one wheel. WTF? It doesn't fit existing vehicle categories, so I put it into "large scooter" because that was the closest fit. They are calling it a "micro-cycle" and claiming it's half the bike but twice the fun. Hmm?

Unfortunately the top speed (10 miles/hr) doesn't fit the "look" of the RYNO so I suppose it's going to end up disappointing people because the visual look expectations won't match reality. Still, it ought to be an interesting fun vehicle to ride.

It works with gyroscopic stuff to keep it upright despite having only one wheel. It's electrically driven, making it suitable for V.


10 miles range - 10 miles per hour - which they claim is "The legal limit for a motorized transportation device" ... uh? Maybe they're looking at the legal classification for the motorized wheel-chair things, but the legal limit for electric bicycles (in the US) is closer to 20 miles/hr.

Over on their Regulatory page - - they say

The RYNO is similar to an “Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device” or “Personal Motorized Mobility Device” so it should fall under each states laws with respect to this classification.

So, yeah, they're not trying to make it fit the definition of an electric bicycle. Not sure why. They're working with legal authorities across the US "to obtain clearance from authorities in each state to use the RYNO on sidewalks, bike lanes and anyplace pedestrians can go."

Price is $5,295 for a lead-acid model. Really? A lead acid battery pack in this age? A version with lithium-ion battery pack is available for a higher price, that they don't give on the site. Adding the pannier rack (see below) adds $169 to the price.





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