Ex-UK Highways Agency VX-1 bikes (x2) on ebay

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Ex-UK Highways Agency VX-1 bikes (x2) on ebay

In case these are of interest to anyone in the UK...


'Nee Nar! Nee Nar!'


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Re: Ex-UK Highways Agency VX-1 bikes (x2) on ebay

Hi all,

I purchased one of these about 2 weeks ago. Rode it to work, a distance of 12 miles, then found I could not plug it in. Ended up pushing it home. Oh that colour scheme is embarrassing when you are pushing it. Can any one explain why other drivers still apparently don't see me :-(. Anyway I plan to ride it to work again this Friday. I have rigged up some armoured cable with an RCD and will dangle it out the 1st floor window. I expect I'll get the !*.£4Dy health and safety crap as usual (oops sorry ed. shouldn't swear).

At some point I'll swap out the current panels with carmmer colour scheme so if anyone in the UK wants to take pity on me and divest themselves of a set of plastics I could be in the market. Silver would be preferable but I'm not that fussy (not pink though - nothing against pink). I want to keep the current plastics.

By the way it doesn't go Nee Nar! Nee Nar! but all the lighting, signs work and the wiring is there for the radio.

Regards all

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Re: Ex-UK Highways Agency VX-1 bikes (x2) on ebay

I bought the other one. It's in great condition, I rode it on the Nimh for a bit last summer but now have leaf cells to install. I've stripped the strobes, phone and dot matrix out of the bike (saves a fair bit of weight) I'll keep the colour scheme for now , it's hilarious to see how drivers react when they think your on a police bike then realise your not and speed off!

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