Vectrix At The Frankfurt Auto Show! (Not Really)

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Vectrix At The Frankfurt Auto Show! (Not Really)

There was a Vectrix, a Brammo and some Zero bikes (not pictured) at the Frankfurt Auto Show this year. I don't think there was any manufacturer representation- but rather some local EV advocacy groups.

Not sure why the picture is upside- down - tried twice to rotate it, but the forum image editor keeps flipping it....


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Re: Vectrix At The Frankfurt Auto Show! (Not Really)


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Flipped photos

I have been getting bit by that a lot, I think it's the Photos app on the Mac. What I have resorted to doing is exporting the photo to the desktop and posting from there...


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Re: Vectrix At The Frankfurt Auto Show! (Not Really)

It is a Mac problem. You are right to place the pic on the desk and then to post.

I have also found the boat floats better when it is right side up.

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