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New from Northern Virginia

Hi all, my name is Kevin and I live in northern Virginia. I just picked up an all-original and fully functional blue 2007 Vectrix VX-1 (built in July 2007) with now just over 700 miles. My ultimate goal is to commute to work 9 miles each way (6 miles via 65mph highway, with slower sections at the beginning and end).

The bike has the original NiMH batteries and firmware. The dash reports around 40 miles of range, and I've been taking check-out rides at slower neighborhood speeds before recharging. Because it hasn't gotten a lot of use beyond short rides and maintenance charges over the past 8 years, I suspect I will need to do a few more discharge cycles before I attempt a ride on the highway.

On my shortlist of things to do, I suspect a firmware update is recommended in the very least (at least to bump up top speed in case I need it), but will need to research how to go about that (I at least ordered a Peak CANBUS cable and adapter). Would also like to scrounge up a center stand, J1772 adapter (and probably install a 220v outlet in my garage), some sort of battery monitor display, and find a way to attach a lanyard for my Hit-Air airbag vest. I have also read about the original 125A main fuse causing issues, but am not sure if that is more age-, use-, and heat-related. Last thing I want is to suddenly lose power at highway speeds! Also trying to figure out why or when I would need an in-rush current limiter...

A little more about me: I've been riding and tinkering on mostly vintage motorcycles for the last 20 years, and I had the good fortune to take an 8,000 mile trip around the country on my Suzuki V-Strom a few years back. I feel like I should have an Electrical Engineering degree to work on the Vectrix, but I at least have some experience with programming a MINI Cooper.

Looking forward to digging in and getting to enjoy a real electric scooter!

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Re: New from Northern Virginia

Hi Kevin,
Welcome aboard!
You need some sort of current limiting as the capacitors on the controller would cause a very large current to flow (when initially discharged) , putting a resistor in series while they charge up, then (quickly!) making the proper connection, avoids all sorts of unwanted excitement and sparks.

Regards Dave

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