Laird Firmware update problem

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Laird Firmware update problem

Please can someone help?
I have just tried to upload laird firmware for a 36 cell leaf conversion of my Vectrix and I can't any ICM firmware to load.
I was using a windows 32bit pc running windows 7 and a PCAN USB adapter with the 32bit version of the vectrix diagnostic software.
The charger LI6024BN firmware for the ESP charger appeared to loaded without problems as did the Motor controller hex MC1014b-70-123-142. These are both showing in the vectrix diagnostic software, but when I tried to update the ICM firmware to DIY 1708_hex the download neared the end where upon a message attempting to resume motor controller traffic appeared.
I have tried installing the NIMh firmware again but when I attempt to install the ICM hex I get the same problem with the ICM tab staying red and no firmware identified.
I'd be so gratefull if someone could help as the bike was running really well on the leaf batteries with laird NIMH firmware installed before I tried to upgrade.
In hope Angus

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Re: Laird Firmware update problem

I have a cache of old OEM firmware releases, but it's not complete and not well organized. In a pinch, I could probably share what I have, but I've also been looking for a more complete archive.

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