inflating rear tire on razor.

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inflating rear tire on razor.

|Runaway| Posted on (PbP)
12-07-07 11pm
"inflating rear tire on razor.
how the hell do you do it?"

First off, This cat has to be messing with every one! the fillertip is in the handle bars, located in the bar end(twist grip side)!
If you read the instructions that came with your bike, they clearly stated were to find the rear tire filling tool....

If you throw out the instructions to your bike, then it is your loss to all the info Razor took there time to answer simple questions like this in the first place. Shame on you, now how will you be able to maintenance your PR200 now and KEEP IT SAFE! If you dont have the instructions you wont know how to even set the break slop screw(Oh wait they dont talk about that in there)

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