Replacement cost?

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Replacement cost?

Anyone ever figure in the replacement cost for batteries, not what it cost to buy them, but what it cost to get them and install them?

Say you can get a 200 cycles out of a SLA, 400 cycles out of a NiMh and 800 cycles out of a Lithium. Every time you switch out a battery pack it's going to cost you in time, effort and some hidden cost. I wonder what that could add up to. The added cost can make the longer lasting more expensive battery packs look like a better deal.

1) You have to track down the replacement batteries.

2) You have to get them, either drive there or have them shipped.

3) You have to fit them into your battery case or however you install them.

4) You have to test them to make sure you the install was good and you did not get a dud.


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