Getting Credit for Going Green

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Getting Credit for Going Green

By Trystan L. Bass

Who says loving the planet isn't worth it? Being environmentally minded could save you a couple hundred or a few thousand dollars at tax time.

If you've made energy-saving improvements to your life in the past year, you may get some tax credits on your federal and state income taxes. Follow the links in this article to see what you qualify for.'

Yahoo! Green:

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Re: Getting Credit for Going Green

You are right about that.

So far I have gotten:

1) Insulation rebate.

2) Free installed weather stripping.

3) Free energy survey with some CF thrown in.

4) Free refrigerator, real nice one and they even hauled away the old one.

5) Working on a Photovoltaic system, possible rebate of $4.00 to $7.00 per watt.


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