Picky about my Plug-in.

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Picky about my Plug-in.

Hey I always thought the most gratifying part of a conversion would be having a really nice charge cord. Ive seen the standard Male plug on car and a normal extension cord Female goes into the car. Ive also seen the slightly more exotic 4 pin twist to lock connector like the Meyers NMG has. Then there are the exotic inductive setups like the EV-1 but I've never seen one for sale, that cant be good.

What different setups have you guys seen? Do any of you have interesting wall plug-ins or special needs involving the charge circuit to the car. I'm talking like Shielded cords (vectrix), medical wall sockets, larger breaker, quality charge cords and plugs.

I was thinking it would be nice to have a retractable spool for the cable like airlines have. Has anyone tried that?

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Re: Picky about my Plug-in.

If this helps...
When I first got my Vectrix I was startled when it blew the breaker in my two garage pluggins repeatedly.
I live in Colorado and I'm not framiliar with the code... but all of our plugins which are wired on this special (i imagine for outdoor/wet use) breaker cannot be used to charge my bike unless I swap the special beaker. Which would probably be a code violation since the plugins it breaks are not GFIs.
That being said I have plugged my bike into countless GFIs all over (walmart, light posts, store fronts...) with no problem.
In my garage I charge my bike from the overhead plugin used for the garage door opener... Which is on a standard breaker and not a GFI...


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