Cool electric micro car

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Cool electric micro car

Look just like an old Isetta. unfortunately, isn't even as fast as the original.

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Re: Cool electric micro car

I like the concept. It has my favorite feature: hub motors in each wheel. I know this presents a number of engineering challenges (high unsprung weight for one), but to me the advantages are so numerous that for a pure EV or series hybrid EV it's the only way to go.

I'm just saving my money, hoping, and waiting.

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Re: Cool electric micro car

I definetly love the concept of this small company that is making it big
in fact I really like what they said in "Why EV" section as of;

Electric cars (EV’s) are the future- the technology is available right now- albeit at a price.

Hybrid cars are a sensible stepping stone, while the cost of component parts (high tech batteries) for EV’s are coming down.

We are past the point where the affects of global warming can be reversed, but we owe it to future generations to actively do something to reduce the affects.

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