Battery Star-LiFePO4/Li-Polymer batteries

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Battery Star-LiFePO4/Li-Polymer batteries

This is Eric Gao from Kayo battery Group located in Shenzhen,China.Kayo Group is leading Lithium-polymer/Li-ion batteries manufacturer in China.It is famous for its quality,price,speed and service,expecially the R&D ability.You can find every standard and nonstandard size battery in Kayo,and also you can find high capacity battery and high
power battery and rapid charge battery,and so on.
Now our LiFePO4/Li-Polymer batteries are warm welcome by our overseas customers,they use them to replace the Ni-Cd/Ni-MH batteries in their production lines.I hope I can have chance to communicate with the battery experts in this field.And I believe Li-Polymer can be the Battery Star for its advandage.

Major features:high working voltage,high energy density,long cycle life,good safety,agile shape&agile dimension,no memory effect,minimal self-discharge.
Majoy applications:1)telecommunications:cellular phones,web telephones,blue tooth
2)portable office devices:notebook computers,PDA,portable facsimile&print machines
3)video devices:digital cameras,camcorders,portable DVD,TV,MP3,MP4
4)others:electronic torches,miner lamps,toys,model planes

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Re: Battery Star-LiFePO4/Li-Polymer batteries

I just took a look at your website and was somewhat disappointed. The largest cells I found we 2.2 AH @ 3.7 volts. This would be the smallest battery I would consider using for an e-bike application and would not work well for an e-scooter or e-motorcycle. We are looking for batteries with the following characteristics;

10 to 60 AH @
24 to 144 Volt Packs
Continues discharge rates of 25 to 300 amps
High Charge currents which would be capable of charging a pack in 4 to 6 hours. (Faster if possible)

Hope this helps,
Chas S.

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Re: Battery Star-LiFePO4/Li-Polymer batteries

I looked over the site and didn't see mention of LiFePO chemistry. The lithium-ION batteries mentioned are 3.7v nominal, which are not what LiFePO produces. LiFePO tends to have 3.3v nominal. The normal Lithium-ION batteries which have 3.7v nominal are susceptible to explosion.

The questions I have are

- Do you sell complete packs and BMS units? (I don't see this on your site)

- Do you sell in small quantities to individuals?

- As Chas noted, the discharge rates are low for the requirements we have in running EV's... an e-bicycle often requires a 20A discharge rate, and my e-motorcycle runs at 100A or more.

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Re: Battery Star-LiFePO4/Li-Polymer batteries

Our company's website has not updated, some products did not appear on it. The Li-Polymer battery, we have some dynamic models which can reach 15 C to 30 C discharge rate. Our customers used them on the R/C toy and model planes, etc..
For LiFeO4, its nominal voltage is 3.2 V, and maximum discharge rates of our some models can reach 15 C discharge. This product is environmental, cylindrical, cycle life nearly 1000.We make some popular models:18650,32650,14500,26650,etc..Our customers use them to replace NI-CD battery on some power tools, electronic products. If our customers need some models we don’t make, we also can open new mould for them to meet their requestions. For our factories, price is lower, but we need big quantity. And different battery have different MOQ.

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Re: Battery Star-LiFePO4/Li-Polymer batteries

While shopping online, I stumbled across the Kayo website, and it seems they've updated it quite a bit:

Individual LiFePO4 cells:

Large LiFePO4 Packs (with BMS):



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Re: Battery Star-LiFePO4/Li-Polymer batteries

So... what do you want to know ?
You can contact me, or, Jason directly at KAYO

The LiFepo4 BattMan

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Re: Battery Star-LiFePO4/Li-Polymer batteries

hi how much lifep04 li polimer batteries .made up to fit in vectrix scooter complete with bms and charge prices .
as need vectrix to do 100 miles range thanke kev.

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Re: Battery Star-LiFePO4/Li-Polymer batteries

you get 30 miles from 30AH at 125v atm?
so you will need 3.4x this amount

so you would be looking at 100AH at 125v.
thats 39cells.

even when using large format, thats 120kg cells only.

if going for long range, then you are better off using lithium cobalt (unless of course you are doing 200 miles/day every day)
that drops the weight down to 105kg, and cell count down to 35 cells.


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Re: Battery Star-LiFePO4/Li-Polymer batteries

chears matt do you no the best prices avalable to england with built in bms and i probbley would need a charger as well as don't think the vectrix would do +
it would take about 10 hours to charge up ?!!!!!!!
don't supose you no the full inside dimentions of the vectrix battery box so i could fully fill with betterys and if poss a little above it as well??
as i just want to go the odd ocation to the coast on vectrix and have no worrys about range really need 70 miles there and 70 miles back thats 140 miles total but if i went careful
at the moment think on a sunny day all i could manage is 50 to 55 miles but that would be totally goosed / flat in middle of nowhere .
also in way of cycles needs to be 2000+ as if its big outlay its just not feasable .?
your sugestion would be apreshated as battrey tecnology seems to be all over the place it depends on what manifactuer you look at ?????????????? waight of corse as light as poss
but would rather have a little hever batt and really take some punishment than a really light fragile that could get damaged at any given moment ???????????

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