Pre-Order the new 5 bat 60 volt BattEQ for 20% off MSRP

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Pre-Order the new 5 bat 60 volt BattEQ for 20% off MSRP

Beginning Thursday May 1 through Friday May 16 you can pre-order the NEW 5 battery 60 volt BattEQ BEQ-LA-5-50 battery equalizer for 20% off of the $199 MSRP for only $159.20 plus UPS (discounted price for the lower 48 states only no international orders please).

This offer is ONLY available from NOVA Scooters LLC at

The units are scheduled to ship to the customer between June 1 and June 15.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that Smart Spark Energy, the manufacturers of the BattEQ, and NOVA Scooters LLC, will be celebrating the availability of both the all new BEQ-LA-5-50 as well as the much anticipated arrival of the NOVA COMMUTER 3500 Motor and Controller kits by providing a FREE BATTEQ TO ALL THE CUSTOMERS that took the chance on NOVA Scooters and pre-ordered the motor controller kit.

That's right, if you ordered a NOVA Commuter 3500, you are getting a 60 volt BattEQ FREE !!!

Courtesy of Smart Spark Energy and NOVA Scooters LLC.

Just our way of saying thanks to those that waited patiently for these two great products to be brought to market.

NOVA Scooters will also offer, in conjunction with the BattEQ offering, custom wiring harnesses including fully soldered 6 pin molex connectors and rings to make installation a breeze, most bikes, less than 30 minutes.

If you are using a string charger, the BattEQ is a MUST HAVE item. The new unit moves up to 8 amps, much more than other EQ units.

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Re: Pre-Order the new 5 bat 60 volt BattEQ for 20% off MSRP

Nova - Thanks for making this happen. I think the custom wiring harness will be a great addition. Two questions:

1) What will be the cost of the wiring harnesses? (I plan to direct customers of the XM-3000 to your site to purchase the BattEQ and want to be able to give them the full info).

2) Do you consider a BattEQ by itself to be a sufficient solution for battery balancing or do you recommend folks implement bank charging as well?

Many thanks.

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