Thanks X-treme!

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Thanks X-treme!

Once again X-treme scooters has given me the very best in customer service. I was going to post this as an update on my "xb600 keyswitch" topic...but I think it's better to put it here.

I ordered the switch by phone on Wednesday...and received it today. Now, that is as good as it gets in my opinion. Heck, I get better service and product support from X-treme than I do from virtually any other company I have bought anything from in the last several years! Congratulations X-treme and keep up the great customer service!


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Re: Thanks X-treme!

Really ! ?
I ordered a grease burger from macdonalds and was so happy about it.
record breaking customer service
too bad the Iowa BBB and hundreds of disatisfied customers don't say the same about xtreme.
u must be special, so special

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Re: Thanks X-treme!

People buy a $1,000 X-treme and expect it to have the quality of a $2,000 Kymco. It ain't gonna happen.

The problem comes when people expect the $2,000 - $4,000 X-tremes to be different than the $1,000 X-tremes. They aren't. It's not just the X-tremes, it is the E-maxes, Oxygens, Zaps, E-runners, and the dozens of other little companies that are slapping batteries and electric motors on $600 Chinese gas scooters. Americans expect these bikes to be something they are not. They are scooters with components of the same quality, although sometimes slightly heavier, as the $1,000 XB600.

These aren't Kymcos or Hondas or Yamahas. They aren't even Kawasakis or Suzukis or Vespas. If consumers expect them to be, then the consumers are, at least partly, at fault. With laws in the US, and probably around the world, that make it so extremely difficult to use an electric vehicle, none of the top quality motorbike manufacturers DARE to make an electric vehicle. GM was the first major manufacturer to put an electric vehicle on the road, and they learned they were unleashing the wrath of Hell upon themselves and pulled the e-cars off the road. Now GM is trying it again and they are finding an establishment that is throwing every roadblock in their path they can imagine, and many that they couldn't imagine.

If one of the biggest motor vehicle companies on the planet is having such a hard time building an electric vehicle, why are people so critical of little companies like X-treme who are actually putting some e-bikes on the road? When you ride your XB600 or XB2000 or XB3000 or XB3500i down the road, you should be thinking about the hard work and determination of all the people who worked for years and years to change the laws so that it is possible for you to be where you are - legally riding on the street on an e-bike. Rather than be upset that you are on a POS Chinese scooter, you should be grateful, because not everyone in the US can legally do what you are doing. So instead of wasting your time complaining about X-treme, you should complain to lawmakers in places where it is not legal to break their ties to the oil companies and make it legal to use these bikes everywhere. Better yet, make some campaign contributions or do some volunteer work for new lawmakers who have severed their ties with the oil industry, and ALWAYS vote against EV-hostile lawmakers.

If enough people did that, then we would be riding on e-Kymcos and e-Hondas. In the meantime, be thankful for and tolerant of your X-treme.

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Re: Thanks X-treme!

Congratulations X-treme and keep up the great customer service!

Excellent! Nice to hear some good news for a change.

"we must be the change we wish to see in the world"

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Re: Thanks X-treme!


I do believe I understand just a bit about the reality of what a company like x-treme is doing and the complexities of marketing and especially "supporting" such products in this country. I applaud any company who can offer even the most "basic" customer service, being the size of x-treme, and doing what they are "successfully" doing.

I give credit where credit's due...from my own experience. I can't speak for anyone else and I don't try. So, say what you might...I've gotten great service from them thus far and as long as I do I'm going to tell that and anywhere else. Your opinion is your opinion...but just don't try to make it mine! I don't think I signed your name to my post!



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