Paint color code / source for doing touch-up on XM3K

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Paint color code / source for doing touch-up on XM3K

As my co-worker (a motorcyclist) says - "There are two different types of riders. One that hasn't laid it down already, and one that has". Did that make sense? Oh well, I am now part of the second group. Fortunately it was very slow (less than 10mph) and on loose gravel, so there is no damage other than some light scrapes that went deep enough to expose the lighter plastic color underneath the factory paint. I had no injury at all other than a bruised ego - you should have seen how fast I jumped up and looked around to make sure nobody saw me! :) My XM3K is the blue model. Is there anyone out there smart enough to tell me where I can find an appropriate touch up paint that can be used, such as the Dupli-color brand of spray paint that you find in automotive stores? Is this a STOCK color, or is there any way to "read" the color (much like the computerized paint color analyzers used at the hardward stores) and have a small batch made just for this purpose? Sure, I could always buy new panels from the manufacturer, but honestly some 400 grit sandpaper, re-paint and buffing it out will make it look like new again. Hoping for some solid advice.....

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