Schwinn S350 at 36V acts strange.

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Schwinn S350 at 36V acts strange.

So I got an S350 off of Craigslist for $40. The batteries were shot. That's fine with me. I've been riding electric scooters for over 10 years and have more batteries that I know what to do with.

So naturally I put in two batteries and installed a third one in the basket to run it at 36V.

I did take the scooter for a spin at 24V just so I could gauge the difference the third battery would make.

Usually a 24V scooter ran at 36V will take off like a shot, have improved hill climbing ability and top out at around 20-25mph.

The S350 takes off like a slug and then slowly gains speed until it gets to about 22mph. As for hill climbing, it doesn't climb hills any better than it did at 24V.

Anyone have any clues why it's behaving this way?


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Re: Schwinn S350 at 36V acts strange.

My s350 did about the same thing at 36v. With my girlfriend on it, it went about 27mph. Maybe something is catching on yours, the brake maybe. But mine still didn't have a fast punch at the start. I re-geared it with a larger sprocket in the back from my s180. It took off much faster, had more power, but only topped out at about 22mph. That was fine for my girlfriend. Then I ran it at 48v. It was a beast. I used a Currie 36v Stealth controller to handle the volts. The motor could handle it better than I thought. My girlfriend road it a good bit and she never had a problem. It would top out right around 30mph like that. I have a 36v controller I'll sell you for cheap if you promise to use it for a 48v s350.

I bent my wheel, broke my trans, and blew my motor. Now I cry a lot.

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