Assist on/off surges

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Assist on/off surges

PL350. 700c wheels. 24-speed bike.

I've turned the speed limit off.
I've turned assist up to 4.0 via "0008" code.

I've been playing with 0007, 0008, and 1234 codes.
Problem is on/off surgest of assist that are annoying.
Especially above 15mph.
Does anyone have advice on what parameters will give more consistent assistance?
In the mean time I'll keep experimenting with signal gain, sensitivity, etc.
And another thing: It *seems* that removing the speed limit didn't really remove it; that instead it just bumped it up 5mph. Or maybe it just *seems* that way because this motor is a high torque but low rpm motor and it becomes almost non-effective above 20mph?

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Re: Assist on/off surges

I had problem with assist dropouts. At first I thought it might be related to non-vertical alignment on the axle sensor. Finally got to talk to an engineer, and he said the alignment is not that critical. Then I told him about my codes (0007=3, 0008=3, 1234=3) and he recommended setting 1234 to 0 (OFF). Amazing!!! Now I can get up the five mile hill that starts outside my front door smoothly in middle gears at assist level 3. It seems to me that 1234 set higher gets quicker assist, but it also gets quicker dropout as you crank with variable deflection of the axle strain gauge sensor.

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