newbie question re torque curves and top speed

I've just bought a 36V 9A Crystalyte 409 kit because it is supposed to have enough power to take me (200 pounds) up hills in (very hilly) Malta.

According to the power graphs the supplier sent, the torque peaks at 25 Nm which is around 20kph (12mph) on a 26" rim and tapers off slowly to nil at 35kph (21mph).
Does this mean that, theoretically, the bike can do 35kph under ideal conditions and does this also mean that once the bike reaches 20 kph (peak torque) it will suffer to go any faster?

I haven't started putting it together yet since I'm waiting for a torque arm from Texas - should I risk using it if I check the bolts every time I ride - or should I just wait for the arm to arrive?



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I would not recommend using a high-torque hub-motor in a hilly region without the torque arms installed first.

If your drop-out slots spread out or are chewed open, the axle will be able to spin. The wires will twist until they break or are ripped out from their interior attachment points.

I'm sure you're excited and want to get going, but I vote for riding easy on fairly level ground until the torque arms are on.

Imagine if it seems to run great without them, but on the way home from work on the day the package finally arrived, it finally snaps?

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