Testing a 3500

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Testing a 3500

September 26th, I made in Austria my driving license upgrade.
6 hours on a 3500

October 3rd, I had the opportunity for 4 days testdriving

First discovery: the odometer shows 1 km after 809m

The montain test showed a big improvement compared to my E-Max S from 2006.

For the first 550m height difference only the half time and the engine just 10 degree Celsius warmer than air temperature.

As I reached the top of the montain (Salzburg 420m above sea level, Gaisberg 1260),
the engine was still cool, the batteries just 3 degree Celsius above air temperature.

Only the controller had 44, 32 degree above air temperature. This could be dangerouse at hot days.

Surprising was the low consumption, despite the much higher speed, lower as the consumption of my old e-Max S.

Mountain chen
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Re: Testing a 3500

Very professional testing,the motor and controller never overheated after long and steepy climbing,Which means smaller current consume,XM3500li is only 80A peak current and 60-70A on climbing,but small battery E-max is 80A too with boost button.

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