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newly registered member. very intrested in making an electric motorcycle...

I would like to ask if anyone has a schematic diagram of a controller that will be use to power a alternator turn to motor? a controller that does not need to be program, cause really dont have an idea on programming.

and if i try to run that motor with a 24 volts supply even if it is on 12 volts rating what will be the result?

thanks in advance!

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Interesting question, lets look at the theory, then reality.

In theroy, the minimum top speed of a 100kg unit is infinite in a frictionless, resistance free world the the appropriate gearing even at only 250w. However the acceleration would be slow for example the number of joules of energy difference in Kinetic energy from 10m/s to 11m/s is .5*100*11*11 - .5*100*10*10 = 1050J
so even in a perfect world a 250w motor would take more than 4 seconds to give u an extra m/s speed from 10m/s
In addition with Potential Energy limits the max hill climing 250w can do per second is mgh=250 giving h as approx 25cm per second.

All a bit boring but Im just trying to show that the Laws of Physics alone limit the acceleration and hill climing of any motors based on the energy they can transmit.

In reality, wind resistance, friction, losses etc etc make things worse.

More over using a fixed gear the ration chosen can affect top speed / acceleration

Empirical data would suggest a 500w motor + may give u the top speed u require. However ur current battery pack would need doubling. If u got another 24v 10ah LifePO4 you could put them in series to have 48v.
48v (500 - 1000watt) hub motors are available for around $300 with controller kits

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