Mini-Moto gokart controller and throttle help request

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Mini-Moto gokart controller and throttle help request

I have just received a cute 36v Mini-Moto gokart , for which there is no wiring diagram available nor is there a controller available from the original distributor. I can make the motor run by hooking it up directly and it will run at one speed in one direction.

My problem is that I have no clue as to how the controllers work. I am confused about the throttle which seems to work through a magnetic field as there is no rheostat-like device. What kind of signal is sent to the controller?

Is there a sequence of commands? In other words, does the controller pause before taking action?

Features on the controller would be on-off, forward/reverse, variable speed, brake, recharge.

Is one feature dominated by another feature. Does it have to go through a sequence if I turn of the ignition like cruise control on a car?

Dieter Schmied

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