Xtreme XB562 scooter

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Xtreme XB562 scooter

Hi, does anyone know if these e-scooters are suppose to sound like lawnmowers? I thought all e-bikes/scooters were relatively quiet.

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Re: Xtreme XB562 scooter

The chain-drive scooters will be louder than hub-motor setups. I wouldn't say lawnmower, more like electric chain saw. It might quiet down a bit once the chain and sprocket break in. A bit of good chain lube will help too.

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Re: Xtreme XB562 scooter

My Electric BE-500 is dead silent, really bugs the bike riders when you pass them in the bike lane as they can not hear you comming, not that they would notice through all the spandex and I-pod ears in. (Yuppies!) Most small bikes make a small amount of noise, but my all electric barely hums.-ETW

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