Is a normal starter-batterie useable for a e-scooter ?

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Is a normal starter-batterie useable for a e-scooter ?

hi friends,

today i went into a shop,to buy a 12 volt batterie, because i want to convert my 36 volt e-scooter into 48 volt.

...but the seller says, i can not use a normal starter-batterie ( a acid-gel version with 12v20ah) because it is only usable to start gasoline-vehicles !!

for electric vehicles i need special ones !! is that right ???



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Re: Is a normal starter-batterie useable for a e-scooter ?

To convert your 36 volt scooter to 48 volts, you should have a MATCHED SET of batteries! the batteries should be the SAME, and designed for "Deep Cycling"--(made to be discharged and recharged repeatedly)Other options may work, but not for very long!-Starting batteries are not intended to be deeply discharged and recharged multiple times, and will fail quickly. If the batteries are not matched, they are unlikely to charge and discharge uniformly, and voltage division will soon become very uneven, causing failure. (charging each battery separately will minimize problems in charging, but will not solve the operating/discharging problem.)-Bob Curry

Robert M. Curry

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