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New Vmarine Theme Now Default

The new default theme is now vmarine replacing the garland theme which was causing some problems for some of our viewers. To avoid any potential of additional problems, all the others will be removed. If you previously had garland, aberdeen-liquid, golden_hour, antique_modern or bluemarine it will be replace by the new default vmarine theme.
Please post any comments here.

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Re: New Vmarine Theme Now Default

Sounds good, I was using one of the others that you mentioned and was having some problems.
I tried the vmarine, it's been working great and I like it now that I've adjusted to it.
I'd much rather see one theme that works nicely.
I was having a difficult time explaining the problems I was having with the other theme when most were using the default.
Good move, IMO!


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Re: New Vmarine Theme Now Default

Looks a lot better, the other one was all over the place, I just got feed up trying to login and finally just gave up. I reported the problem several times, and never received a reply.
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