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Electric Revolution in the UK

Join the Electric Revolution......How far has the electric revolution really come? Lets start simple with an electric scooter which is now a viable product in the UK. How many charging points are there now in London? Are the bus lanes fully open for use to scooters classed as L1 mopeds which are limited to 30 mph? Why is there 6% import duty on electric scooters? Government assistance please for purchase of electric scooters.


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Where can I get a turn signal switch for Emax sport?

Anyone know where I can get a turn signal switch that would work with the Emax sport? Thanks.

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E Max Handbook Index orginal version


Re: Front page and Index.
Submitted by leio on Tue, 02/06/2007 - 18:37.

For those who are interrested anyway here is the index (I made the corrections so now troubleshooting and checking part matches right with the index's pagenumbers of the pdf file)
And as it is only text it won't be too heavy :

handbook index:

Item: Page:

Part I : Disassembling + Assembling

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The E-Max Blog: "The Big Breakup" China v. Germany

The end result is that both German and Chinese partners in the original e-max line of scooters treated their USA customers and dealers unfairly and unjustly. As a result of the German and Chinese business decisions, and possible international fraud they may have commited, the US personal EV market will remain limping from this very sore breakup; I suspect for quite some time.

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Re: E-max scooter China partner factort is still available

This is a thread on the Zappy list about the original manufacturer of the E-Max .. the chinese company that made the E-Max is in business and visible on the Web at http://www.topmotorx.com ... ZAP is planning to import and sell it as the Zapino.

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