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MB-1-E Part Twenty Four: Schwalbe Tire Arrives

The FedEx guy dropped off my new Schwalbe Tire today.
I pulled off the old tire and placed the plastic tube protector tape in the rim and it barely fit. (32mm wide)
Actually it cradled in nicely and made a nice smooth seat for the tube.
Put on the new tire and tube and put a little air into it.
I pushed on the tire all the way around, rocked the tire from side to side all the way around to make sure that it was fully seated and concentric with the wheel. The tire will accept anywhere from 22psi to 60psi so I put in 40psi.

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MB-1-E Part Twenty Three: A Tribute to those who helped me get here and an Update and Summary of the MB-1-E build

Hi All,

This has been a pretty long blog with lots of trial and error and changes throughout the build.
I would like to therefor bring it all together into a summary of where the build stands now, thoughts on future revisions and what I would recommend for others that would like to take on building and electric bike from scratch.

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MB-1-E Part Twenty Two: New Tire

Last week my rear tire had a blowout.
Fortunately I was going slow and was able to get off the bike before all the air had escaped.
It all happened pretty quick though, could have been a problem if I was crusin' at full speed.

I looked down and there was a pencil sized hole right through the tire, it was a cheap Wally-World tire.
Walked the bike home, along the grass where I could, so I wouldn't hurt the ARAYA #7X 26x 1.75 Alloy Silver anodized rim.

Bikes been sittin' ever since.

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MB-1-E Part Twenty: Nice Twenty Mile Ride

Today I took a pleasure ride.
I've gained enough confidence in my new creation to go for it and just take a nice ride up to one of our favorite camping spots. Going by car (or pickup, in my case) it's a little over 8 miles from home.
I took some side roads to get there so it was slightly farther than by car.

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MB-1-E Part Nineteen: Synchronous Belt Drive


I spent the day at Kent's machine shop. Kent has been a friend of the family over the last 50 years or so. He's not only a very interesting person but has,by far, the most interesting machine shop you could possibly imagine.

As I worked on trying to figure out what was wrong with a 1250W inverter that had recently died (Kent lives off grid and has another shop at home, which uses the inverter), he bored my two grooved pulleys so they would fit the 5/8" motor shaft and the 5/8" jack shaft on the MB-1-E.

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MB-1-E Part Eighteen: The Test Flight

Hi All,

I got my 30 Amp DPDT Switch from Digikey today.
It's a about twice as big as the cheapo switch I got on eBay and looks well made.

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MB-1-E Part Seventeen: The Cargo Rack arrives

Hi All,

The new cargo rack arrived today.
It looks to be very solidly built and should transport the MB-1-E nicely.
Now I can load up the dogs, head for the backroads and get in some quality Electric Mountain Biking and the dogs can run along.

The receiver has some slop I need to fix ...
... so you're not imagining things if you see the rack sloping back

My handy-dandy DIY ramp

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MB-1-E Part Sixteen: The continuing saga

Since we last met, I've been riding my MB-1-E all over.
The controller works great now.

I swapped out the hub sprocket.
I did have a 60 tooth sprocket and changed that to a 72 tooth ... What a difference!
I can climb hills now, even the steep ones.
On the steepest of hills, I do pedal to help keep the RPMs up, but it's a dramatic change from the smaller sprocket.

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MB-1-E Part Fifteen: Controller Upgrade


For those of you who have been following my Mountain Bike build, I have decided to upgrade to an Alltrax controller for my Scott 3/4hp motor.

Although not listed on the Alltrax site, they do manufacture an Alltrax model AXE4824, Programmable, 24-48V, 200A Controller.
I found this one at http://www.electricvehiclesusa.com/product_p/co-axe4824.htm
Jeff Lindsey there was very helpful and let me upgrade from the Navitas to the Alltrax.

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