MB-1-E Part Twenty Three: A Tribute to those who helped me get here and an Update and Summary of the MB-1-E build

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Hi All,

This has been a pretty long blog with lots of trial and error and changes throughout the build.
I would like to therefor bring it all together into a summary of where the build stands now, thoughts on future revisions and what I would recommend for others that would like to take on building and electric bike from scratch.

Writing this particular entry will take some time and could be done as I've previously done as child pages to this blog but I think what might be more useful to anyone that has taken the time to read the entire blog is an overview of how this bike has turned out and what it consists of now as a result of trial and error and dollars spent in getting here.

A Tribute:

First and foremost, I would like to thank the "V is for Voltage" Management and Maintenance Teams for providing this great Forum and the wonderful folks that helped me take a bike from rusted hulk to a Mean Green Truckin' Machine!

A very special Thanks go out to eChuckJ5 for his encouragement and "hands-on" knowledge of what it takes to design, build, improve and enjoy a machine like this and for sharing that information with me so I could build an eBike that grew from dream to reality. *** Thanks Chuck ! ***

I would also like to thank many others on this forum for your interest and help in getting the MB-1-E where it is today.
Chas Stevenson has been a great help in encouraging me to pursue this great challange, he always seemed to step in when the going got rough and lend his empathy and encouragement to keep me going on this project. Chas has also shared his experience in building from scratch and his interests in Alternative Energy and building eBikes has helped a great deal. *** Thanks Chas ***

Sturdly has been a consistent follower of my build and has helped in many ways, to include sending me items that were Exactly what I needed at the time. Sturdly has also built an eBike and has lived near where I live so knows some of the challanges that I face ... in the way of terrain, road conditions, climate and living in a remote area. *** Thanks Sturdly ***

Fechter was a great help when it came to figuring out my wiring, he's the one that helped me figure out how to charge my 24V system using my existing 12V charger. *** Thanks Fechter ***

Others have helped as well, I couldn't possibly remember all the others but the fact remains that there are a lot of very helpful folks on this forum that helped me get the MB-1-E where it is today. *** Thank You All ***
(I didn't mean to leave anyone out, the site as a whole has helped develop the MB-1-E)


Ok, so where is the MB-1-E today in terms of what's the latest, what really works, how can one go about taking a bike that they have laying around rusting or gathering dust and turn it into a useful eBike?It

Answer: That depends ...

It depends what your goals are ... The first thing I did in building the MB-1-E was establish some goals.

(to be continued ... I'll be editing this Post to consolidate and bring the blog up-to-date on the MB-1-E)


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Placing the blame for you’re shenanigans on the V is for Voltage Community.

The V is for Voltage Community has come to the understanding that members in the North West can be an unruly lot.

In the future we will more careful and require backround checks before advising members from Northwest area of the United States on the construction of electric vehicles. Ha.

We will not be fooled again.

The principle


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