MB-1-E Part Twenty Two: New Tire

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Last week my rear tire had a blowout.
Fortunately I was going slow and was able to get off the bike before all the air had escaped.
It all happened pretty quick though, could have been a problem if I was crusin' at full speed.

I looked down and there was a pencil sized hole right through the tire, it was a cheap Wally-World tire.
Walked the bike home, along the grass where I could, so I wouldn't hurt the ARAYA #7X 26x 1.75 Alloy Silver anodized rim.

Bikes been sittin' ever since.

Right after it happened I asked eChuck what tires he'd been using. He went with the Schwalbe Hookwork I believe.
Chuck recommended several good tires and since we both have heavy bikes and neither one of us are lightweights, I figured I'd just go with something he had already researched.

I decided to get the Schwalbe Big Apple tire.
It's one of the fatter tires they make.
I doesn't have lugs like my mountain bike tires but it's got a Kevlar belt and according to the specs has great grip on wet roads, rolls along nicely with little drag, is pretty good in puncture resistance and has good durability.
I'm not too worried about the front tire, it's not carrying anywhere near the load that the back does and the one I have seems to still be in great shape.

I took some measurements to be sure that the tire would fit in my bike's frame, researched to be pretty sure that the it would work with my rim and decided to order one 26x 2.35 Schwalbe Big Apple tire.
I also got a #13 Schwalbe tube made specifically for this size tire and a big rubber band to protect the tube from the spokes and spoke nuts. Came to $55.15 w/ shipping.

I think it should last much longer than my previous tire and probably add more shock absorbtion (since it's a fat tire). I'm not too worried about off road, the bike has plenty of weight so I really doubt that will be an issue.

I'll keep y'all posted on how it goes on, how it looks on the bike and performs on and off road.

I'll be back on the road again soon. Yahoooooooo!



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Maxxis Hookworms, Dave, not, Hookworks.

Just riding along huh, yea, right.

Not going fast, well, in what direction.

I have a real strong feeling here, You were out stump jumping and landed just a little hard. Pencil size hole in the rim and wiped out Mrs. Andersen's tomatoe patch, uh huh, uh huh.

I just have a hard time believing the just riding along part, time to come clean!

Just when I figured out how to use those "smileys" they're gone, any hints?



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Hookworks ??? !!! Where in the tarnation did I get Hookworks ... Well EXCUUUUUSSSSSSE Me ... :) (hey the smileys are still there, just have to look and pick the Smileys icon then they pop-down for ya. (They're still there, believe me)

Yes, Hookworms (they have squiggly hookworm lookin' treads ... kind of repulsive but then again the Big Apples that I got probably have worms as well ... but they're both supposed to be tough as nails ... that's what I care about)

Ok Chuck, I'll come clean ...
... Mrs. Andersen's tomatoes are fine.

I was cruisin' by the local sawmill (one of the few left these days, management cut too many trees too fast and clear cut instead of selective cut so all the nice topsoil eroded into the salmon spawning beds and now the fish counts are still in decline and all the new trees they plant don't have the proper acidic soil conditions to nurture the seedlings) ...
... anyhow, I was crusin' by the mill, headin' down the hill and a squirrel ran out in front of me. Rather than hit the little rascal I swerved off the road, a rock launched me in to the air. It was about 30 feet before I hit the gravel bank of the creek below and the MB-1-E started fishtailin' like crazy so I goosed the throttle and straightened 'er out only to find that a grizzly bear was directly in front of me. I hit the throttle again and did a doughnut spraying gravel all over the wide eyed bear. I headed downstream, through the culvert and out the other side only to find that the grizzly had evidently snagged my rear tire and punctured a hole through the tire and the tube. I was lucky and the bear was so shocked by the whole afair that he ran off and left me standin' in the middle of the creek with a flat tire. Then I walked the bike home.

I just didn't want to tell ya the full story, I didn't think you'd believe me.
Sorry, next time I'll just tell it like it is.

So, perhaps if I had the Big Apple tire on there he wouldn't have punctured my tire and I would have been fine and wouldn't even have had to tell you the story in the first place.

The moral of the story is ... If you're goin' 30+ mph down a hill and have a squirrel run out in front of ya ... think twice before launching yourself off into space and landing in front of a grizzly ... and don't even consider it if you have cheap Wal-Mart tires on your ebike!

Thanks Chuck, I feel so much better now that I told you how it really happened. :D


Dave B

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Well, the preacher went out a’huntin, it was against his religon, but He brought a shotgun along, He got himself a mess, a mighty fine mess with one ol’ scraggly half, cause on the way back He crossed the path, , , of a great big grizzley bear.

Well, the bear got down looked ready to charge, the Preacher never seen nothin quite that large, said “Lord if I get out of here alive, then to the good book I’ll abide.” He turned about, looked around, said “up in that tree where I belong, He grabbed Himself a branch, went up in that tree, He looked to the sky and began to shout, “hey Lord”

Well about that time the limb broke off, the Preacher came a tumblin down. He had a straight razor out of pocket, bout the time He lit on the ground. He landed on his feet right in front of that bear and Lord, what an awful fight, the Preacher and the bear and the razor and the hair was a flyin from left to right.


Don't remember who sang this, same guy as "Amos Moses was a Cajun" who lived by himself in the swamp, He hunted alligators for a living, just womp em in the head with a stump"


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