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Magic Sequences for Vectrix Service

This page can be used to list the magic sequences that make a Vectrix VX-1 do certain things.

Here are the ones I remember off the top of my head - could anyone who has recently used them write exactly how it works, please?

I'll edit this first post so the best descriptions are added to the first post to make it more user-friendly.


Turning on both head-light filaments at once:

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MC phase test routine

This test can help to differentiate encoder problems from motor controller problems:

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Tools for encoder and encoder disk alignment

Here are some photos with metric measurements (Click to enlarge and move screen to read gauge display):

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Creature double feature : how to turn off the headlight or to double its power !

First of all, there is no known way to switch off the front position light : it remains on as long as the bike is switched on (as the rear postion light).

Then, here are the three different headlight behaviours that I've noticed :

1 - standard behaviour : you switch on the bike, the low beam is on. If you switch to high beam, the low beam switch off, and vice-versa.

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Vectrix Throttle

Anything on how to diagnose, adjust, repair, replace the Vectrix VX1 Multi function throttle can be added here.

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More helpers needed to maintain the Vectrix Collaborative Handbook

For example, when you search VisforVoltage or the handbook, for information on a specific topic, start a new handbook page and paste all the best posts you find into it!

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Double Light Globe Design - Vectrix Inrush Current Limiter

This page is about the Double Light Globe Design for the Vectrix VX-1 Inrush Current Limiter ( ICL ).

Please add any links to relevant pages or reply with experience reports using such a design.

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Well tested Vectrix Inrush Current Limiter Designs

This chapter is for describing Vectrix VX-1 Inrush Current Limiters ( ICL ) that have been reported as working well for repeated use.

If you want to discuss alternative ICL ideas, but have not actually tested them in repeated practice, then discuss them in the other chapters first.

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Original Vectrix Inrush Current Limiters

A book page to discuss any of the original Vectrix Inrush Current Limiters.

If you happen to have knowledge about, or access to some of the various Vectrix Inrush Current Limiters (ICLs), then please share!

It appears that there have been at least three different (?official?) Vectrix Inrush Current Limiters.

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