battery warmer emax 110s £15.99

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Here is a idea for keeping your batteries warm on thoes cold winters nights.
The parts you neet is an washable elec blanket (I used a silent night one from argos £14.99).
A roll of waterprof ducktape and some sticky velcro strips.

Step one fold the electrick blanket into therds lenthways so it makes a strip 110cm by 30cm
Step two cover in tape to make it water tight
Step three add velcro strips to the cover then place under bike were the battery tray is and attach the velcro sticky bits (three strips 25cm long shortways does the job evenly spaced)
Step fore put plug were your feet go and run an extension to a power supply (plug with a ground lekage trip on)and place cover over bike job donePICT0119.JPG I have used this one for 3 weeks now with out any problems (just keep the plugs and control dry under a standard bike cover).Last week it was -3 for 2 nights but the heater keept the pack at +6. not bad for 15mins work and £15.00 and the performance was a lot better due to this. Have fun!!!!!!

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