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home made e bike fraim needs good home

hello iv made this ev fraim to fit the 48v mars motor with all holes laser cut out and a rolled motor gard with 5mm air gap round the edge and vent hole's . it will also hold 4 22ah 12v lead acid batteries and is room under them for a attrax controler or some thing simulary sized. all im asking is the cost price . anyone interested!!!!DSC00150.JPGDSC00170.JPG

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Any ev driver's in stoke-on-trent

Any ev driver's in stoke-on-trent plz get in touch so we can arrange a meet of some kind!

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emax 110s is dead (with pic)

my emax has died.DSC00001.JPG
It will get fixed hopefully :) time will tell
Why didnt they strenthen the fraim were the shock goes.I think i might weld it up and fabricate a 4mm guesset to help the stress. sad days

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battery warmer emax 110s £15.99

Here is a idea for keeping your batteries warm on thoes cold winters nights.
The parts you neet is an washable elec blanket (I used a silent night one from argos £14.99).
A roll of waterprof ducktape and some sticky velcro strips.

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emax 110s blue smoke

Does anyone know what caused this !!!!! PICT0100.JPGPICT0103.JPG

It was quite strait faward to fix. first push out the female sockets using pin,sPICT0105.JPG

Then after that new wires.
jobs a gooden.PICT0109.JPG

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Does any one know of a good london emax dealer or where i can get hold of a emax 110s motor wire. For some reason the insulation has become brittle and has split.
Or should i just make my own using armerd 415v cable and a seperate cable for the hall sensor.
Allso has anyone had the same problem as me and does anyone have any pic's on how to pull the motor apart and what conections are needed.
Or could i get away with joing the wires under the swing arm wire cover using my trusty gas soldering iron and some heat srink pipe. any help would be aprecated cheers

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is this the speed restriction chip in the new emax

untitled.JPGiv found a hand soldered chip in my new emax in a out of place place does any one know what it does. the chip says on it 725158 sfh6 156-3 x017 allso there is a small ceramic cap 104 attached.
look at the pic it is at the side of the 6 larg caps look for the small orange ceramic cap

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who can help new emax problems

can anyone shed any light on a few probs im having

the first one is the brake light stays on all the time. I made a few mods to solve this problem just for my own sanity but im only getting round the problem by running the brake swiches past all the using them to brake the circut from the dc to dc converter to the light it seems to work ok i guess. back to the question what went wrong originaly it isent a wire problem so it must be a gray box prob can anyone shed any light

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