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Okay I finally have somewhat of an understanding as a beginner and got to "sink my feet" in a little bit today. Some of the process to me of an EV are pretty simple..........
(then again it depends on what you are working on like a scooter for example),
but grasping some of the things that I did I had to get the hang of it.
So I got to work on a scooter with a friend of mine who guided me through the experience,
and found it is something I actually enjoy.
We are waiting on two more batteries to be able to hook the rest of them up together.
Obviously we needed some way to stabalize the batteries in a decent enough hold that's safe.
Interestingly enough I thought of using a "milk crate". But darn it! it wouldn't fit oh well,
it was a good idea though! So anyway I learned quite a bit today.
I did realize I need to be guided on a few more projects in order to do one of my own. (clearly)
This is definetly a process (no matter what you are working on) because it doesn't happen over night! :)

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