Ok this time I will be the guiney pig for an electric scooter

So as a newbie I have never quite ridden an electric scooter, and I got to do so today.
I had also never used a throttle, so that was quite interesting. I basically had to grasp the idea of gaining balance
and using the throttle at the same time, (duh um lol).Hmmm which I had a hard time doing.
So I find it kinda ironic that I can drive an Armored truck, but need to practice using the throttle and using balance
on a scooter hmmmm um lol. If I sound silly I do apologize for I never really ridden anything as an electric scooter before and it was very powerful and overwhelming to me.
I'm getting there!!! So I don't know how well I would do riding a motorcycle :)
Thanks for reading

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What scooter are you using? Would be nice to see a small pic.

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I think I don't have any pictures online, but it is a Vego 600sx that I rebuilt earlier this year. It's using the stock motor (rated 24v 500w) but with a Uni-8 36v controller with a 36v pack. I haven't measured the power it runs, the controller is obviously powered well above the stock raitings, and it accelerates fairly strong.

The acceleration (controller) is extremely powerful to me
(obviously that was the first time using anything like your's I can only imagine what other powerful controller's would be like). After thinking about it for awhile it would make sense not to use the regular brake's and only use the throttle to slow down but to use the brakes as little as possible. :)

See David's comment because that's his scooter that I got to test drive yesterday :)
And of course I didn't add it in my blog like I should have darn it that was my fault. :(
But I also like how the lights are set-up on his bikes especially the scooter.

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