Ran into a slight problem with the Honda Elite, possibly something inside the controller went bad???

Sunday I got to work on the Honda Elite, which David Herron owns.
From my previous blog on the Ev Elite,I started the blog because David had offered me the scooter as a project.
As a beginner I had to get rid of the idea of combustible engines and electric vehicles because they are completely different. Though I kept getting confused occasionally 8) Anyway's that's besides the point.
Sunday we were able to hook up the batteries completely (though they are unstable at the moment,not secure)
I mostly did work with stripping wires to hook the batteries together.
After that was completed (correctly) and everything was hooked up properly, the motor wouldn't turn on it's own.
So using extra battery cables (extra live wire!) and a little bit of testing in another way (can't describe it)
He was able to start the motor that way, though the belt seriously needs to be tightend.
It is possible that something in the controller is bad??? Not quite sure, I haven't worked on it since Sunday.
If it is the controller that kind of sucks because he bought it brand new. It is kinda like putting a brand new starter in your car and it doesn't work period. That's pretty much what I understand is going on.
Thanks for reading! hmmm

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