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"Cheetah" wheel, bearings and soldering

The Good

I called my local bike shop, "The Bike Shop" in Richardson TX this morning, told my salesman Greg that I needed a wheel for my new fork, Greg used to be not so enthusiastic when I showed up or called, he's coming around now. Greg just called me back, great news, rim, spokes and a 20mm through hub, $100.00 smackeroos. Built! ha, cheaper than the internet.

The Bad

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The "Cheetah"

I took this picture about a month ago, I have and am spending some serious money on this machine. After taking this picture my charger went out.


The charger was a soniel model 2409, Andrew here on the forum is getting it, sorry Andrew, UPS passes my shop by if I am not there, post office is across the street here, will probably send it this evening.


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