My Ebike conversion to XB-600 parts

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Hi to all members of the Visfovoltage community !

I'm on a big project right now, and I want to share it with you. It's not over yet, but I'm working Hard to get it done.

I bought a Used 48V Luyuan Bike that look very similar to the XB-600. The Bikes worked for about half a kilometer before it dies completely. I knew the bike was broken, and I wanted to make a better bike by buying parts over the web.

The bike as two batterie pack, one 14amps/h and one 7 amps/h. The 14amps goes under the feets and the 7amps goes under the seat. The charger Is construct to charge the two battery packs independently, and I plan to use it that way on my modified bike but I want to be able to use the two battery packs in parallel when I'm get more amps to the controller.

That's it for my first post !

Here are a few pictures of the original bike








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sorry i'm not used with blog, this comment was converted to a new blog entry

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Same bike as the rad2go sunbird I'm rebuilding I'm pretty sure. The hub motor on the rad2go is crap! If I can find ANYWHERE on this little bike to mount the motor I ordered, it will be chain drive. Does this bike have a tube frame? By that I mean the bottom is one bit 3" or so diameter tube steel?

Keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up.

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hum...i'm not sure, and can't check right now cause the bike is at my parents house(the garage is better there :)).

But If I remember well...when I dismantled the bike, all the wires were tie wrapped on a big tube on the center of the bike.

When I will go work on this again I 'll check. I will have to get all the wires back there :)

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Sorry for the wait !

I almost forgot you !
here is a picture of under the bike


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