JDH: CB750 Conversion - Upping the volts!

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Well, when I'm not reading the daily soap opera posts (and participating from time to time!) over on the message boards I have made some progress with the CB-750. At the moment the new front runner is a 96V system, based on 55Ah UB12550's and an ADC MT2113.

Here's the original 72V graph, followed by the new 96V graph:

I'm not sure I can go as small as 9 teeth on the front sprocket - I need to check into that. If I can't not sure whether I'll just go as small as possible and settle for a higher top speed and less acceleration or whether I'll get a larger rear sprocket.

The 8 UB12550's fit better on the bike than the 6 UB121100. But, of course, I sacrifice range. The 6 110Ah's were a definite stretch in terms of packaging and overall weight. Plan was 4 in the engine compartment and 2 as saddle bags. With the 55Ah's I can get all 8 in the engine compartment. However, that might mount some of the weight a little too high - so I might go 6 up front and 2 in saddle bags. Of course, I could go with 120V and do 8 up front and 2 in saddle bags (or go completely mad and put 4 in saddlebags for 144V). OK, I'll stop getting greedy - and go forward with the idea of a 96V / 55Ah combination. However, I will check into motor options to see if I can find a motor rated for up to 120V or 144V and a suitable controller as well. That way I can start at 96V and then go crazy later if it doesn't all end in a nasty mess before then.

I'll post some pictures of the two different sets of battery configurations.

Next up:
1) Research 96V capable motors
2) Mock up motor and motor mount
3) Mock up battery box

Oooh, it's exciting isn't it? ;-)

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great work, john.

You have shown what most ppl dont get. The realtionship of all the factors that determines your top speed.

BTW that evcalc on hempev.com is also a good resource.

I appreciate that graph link. I am gonna use that one.

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