The Rezistor - a little progress

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At this point I have all the major electrical components for the drivetrain: motor, controller, batteries, contactor, and throttle. I also have two 12V voltage converters for lights, horn, and other stuff, and four LED bulbs (replacements for low-voltage halogen bulbs, actually) that I'm going to put behind the old headlight lens. Not DOT-certified, to be sure, but should be the equivalent of at least 40W to 60W incandescent. I think the original bulb was only 15W anyway.

I pulled off the headset and disassembled it - it was filthy with grease and dirt. The last person who painted it didn't do a great job of cleaning beforehand, so some of the paint just flakes off, exposing a layer of greasy dirt. The moving parts of the headset for the throttle and gearshift I won't need, of course, so I'll have those welded fast after I clean everything. The throttle bar was just a little too big for the Magura throttle, so I had to saw off a piece of old mountain bike handlebar to make a new one, and that will need to be welded in place. I broke two screw extractors trying to get out one of the brake lever bolts, which was stuck in place with either rust, paint, or both, and ended up spending quite a bit of time drilling the thing out. I had to basically do the same with the footbrake assembly.

The big job of building the swingarm and motor mount is still ahead. I hadn't been able to find an old motor case yet, so I was expecting to have to build a swingarm from scratch. I went Ptown, the local scooter shop, and bought an old Vespa axle that fits my rear hub. They pointed me to McGuire Bearing, a local shop that was able to sell me some bearings that fit the axle. Then I built a mock-up of the swingarm using pieces of 2x4, to get an idea of where the axle would need to be and where the swingarm would attach to the rear shock and frame.

I propped up the motor in the location I think it will go, just to see what it will look like.

Then last week a guy from a scooter shop in Colorado calls in response to the ad I put in the classifieds. He said he has an old smallframe engine case he can sell me! I think this could possibly save me some work: the mounting locations for the hub and the attachment points to the shock and frame are already in place, so all I need to do is figure out how to attach the motor. That is, after I cut off all the bits related to the now-unneeded two-stroke engine.

So now I'm waiting for that to arrive, and building the swingarm is basically on hold until I can see how it fits with the parts I already have. Then I'll have to find some sprockets and a chain or belt and cogs that fit the motor and axle - I'll probably head back to the place that sold me the bearings and see what they have.


That is looking great...Too bad the motor alone is worth more then the bike...LOL
I love OVER kill! Great job keep up the great pics as well

I just Re-laced my first spoked wheel! and it was trued by spinning it in my hand

That is looking great...Too bad the motor alone is worth more then the bike...LOL
I love OVER kill! Great job keep up the great pics as well

Yeah but if you think about it, this scooter is heavy all metal, no plastic or fiberglass on that baby so it is going to be a bit heavier than a modern scooter.

Than means more power is needed. So the Etek is not really overkill. I think it was a great choice to go with the Lithium batteries. Lead batteries would have just added to the weight.

Looks great so far!

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