hi all can you help...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi all .
When i spent some time fixing my vectrix scooter .
the wheel bearing had broke.
Anyhow i had to pull out my old biycle and ride to work and i found it.

Really difficult as it didn't help all the bad weather i had to go through .

i lost 13lbs in two weeks theres the motivation...

So hear it is i need HELP.. i don't / won't give up my vectrix i am willing to cycle two/three days a week
And use the vectrix the other days .

i am willing to spend £1,000 on a electric bicycle but it needs to be ( electric bike ) as to wean myself back to biking..

And with a love of ev's this would be great..

So what i needs is ..

1. light weight bike....

2. needs to i think 250watts motor min this is for british law and road speed max 15 mph .unlees it has a off road switch /20mph??.

3. i am thinking front suspention forks.and for lightness mybe shoke seat post for light ness..

4. i want a distance of aprox 20 miles min milage..

5. i prefer lithium- ion pack first choice. nickel-metal hybrid.2 choice.

6. i would love bionx kit on its own so i can fit it to my bike but carn't find any where .

In england as i like the regen and digital display and all the levels it can do

i probbley would buy a resnobal priced one second hand ..

my bike that i have is a full suspention bike but needs lots changing but but kit would need to be 26" wheel....

7. reasonable geed quality bike / kit and water proof as we actually have rain / lot's over hear.

8. reliabillity . mountain bike type.

Thank you .
hope you can help me looking.??????????????



Hi Kevin

I am new to this site

My name is frank I run a company in the UK called XIPI We Make electric bike kits with off road button we call it a turbo button we sell finished bikes as well Kits from 500 watts to 1500 watts The top off the range is 60 volt 20 ah LifePo4 battery 45 MPH or 72 kilometres top speed no pedalling 10 stone rider

we are in banbury we are open 7 days a week for test rides

We are not cheap our products work we have bikes in ever day use for 2 years now with customers doing 20 miles to work and 20 miles back we develop what the customer wants

Please see our web site www.xipi.co.uk

Thanks Frank

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hi Frank.

I thank you for info but really what i am looking for is £1000 max spend.
and the bike needs to be super light weight and also most of all the batteries need to be the latest technology .

i/e lithium ion p04 .aprox

may be bionix/ .
but thanks kev.

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