Bleeding brakes for an ICE

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Hey everyone now I know this is an EV forum but I had a question for an ICE that I just cannot pinpoint to get it right.I have tried websites like Alldata and Identifix. My technician and I have been working on our customers pick-up truck for like ever. We are doing a full round brake job for a 1993 Chevy K1500 4WD pickup.
It's a piece of crap im sorry. We installed the brakes front and rear, it also needed a new brake master cylinder. One of the worst things that I hate about brake jobs is bleeding the brakes, I freakin hate that!
So anyway to get to my point; We have been pumping and holding the brakes for the past several days and there is air that gets into the brakes for some reason????? We keep adding brake fluid and bleeding more brakes and pumping and holding but still nothing!! Can anyone help with this? Our last resort is to take it to the dealership. Thanks for any advice.

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I should rephrase myself: It's the rear brake shoes that gets a little bit of air into them.


Brakes are needed for an EV too. I had the same problem and bought a power bleeder. I still had air in system and was told my master cylinder was good but maybe questionable. After going for an inspection the dealer said they would have to replace it. I was mad and frustrated and figure what they hey. I spent so much time I said OK. It has been fine since. And not only that, I can drive it without a problem of worrying if I can stop. I needed good brakes for I can down shift on an EV. OK I can down shift but it will blow up an armature for there is no decompression as in no cylinders. Lettuce know how you maid doubt?


Hi Spaceangel thanks for the comment! So to give you an update on that truck. We tried everything to get the air out of the brakes including replacing the brake line, which I had to go and have hand make because its got bends and twists in it. So still more frustrations and still air is in the brakes. As a last resort we took this truck to the dealership (only one in town). The dealership would not even touch it, too much of a liability.
So there was not much we could do except to return the truck to the customer. In fact the dealership said that during that year make and model, it was a lousy brake system. Nothing more that we can do. Never experienced this kind of problem before. The customer has not called us and I wonder what he did if he ended up getting a different vehicle.

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