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Battery swapping stations

I guess this is the realistic future, for new "battery swapping stations" instead of your typical oil changing station but I think it will take a long time to come before they can get rid of every gas car on the road.


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Bleeding brakes for an ICE

Hey everyone now I know this is an EV forum but I had a question for an ICE that I just cannot pinpoint to get it right.I have tried websites like Alldata and Identifix. My technician and I have been working on our customers pick-up truck for like ever. We are doing a full round brake job for a 1993 Chevy K1500 4WD pickup.
It's a piece of crap im sorry. We installed the brakes front and rear, it also needed a new brake master cylinder. One of the worst things that I hate about brake jobs is bleeding the brakes, I freakin hate that!

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Mazda's first electric vehicle coming soon

What I find to be interesting is that they plan to lease their EV's to the government and Japan fleet.


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How do you diagnose an electric vehicle?

Hello all,this may sound like a silly question but, I am just curious as I have never owned an EV before, how do you all diagnose an electric vehicle when you run into a problem with the computer, especially when you get a "yello wrench" error message. Is there some special computer that you all use to diagnose? Now I work in an automotive shop and all we work on is ICE's and I am aware of how to diagnose an ICE vehicle because they have computers in the cars to diagnose them properly. Is it the same as diagnosing an ICE?
Just curious! Thanks for everyone's time.

Lisa ~

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Vehicle maintenance

I over heard recently someone commenting about vehicle maintenance for regular ICE vehicles.
Their comment was "that they often break down"

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Battery Comparison

I found this interesting so, if anyone would like to they can either move this posting somewhere else, leave it or remove it.

I found this information in a Toyota magazine.........

Difference between AGM and flooded lead acid batteries:

" AGM batteries feature thin, sponge-like glass mat separators that absorb all liquid electrolytes,

Flooded lead acid batteries feature free liquid electrolyte all around the plates and separators.

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I read this in a newspaper article this weekend.

Tesla teaming with Toyota to build electric cars in Fremont (California).

This is what the article says

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