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New to the V is for Voltage Forums

Hi Folks, although we have been primarily associated as a site providing gas scooters, we are seeing a statiscally significant increase in our electric scooter sales since early 2007. Although some of this sales spike is attributal to our improved rankings for key words related to electric scooters, the mail volume has increased as well with clients seeking additional information on ranges, battery types and durability of the units.

Our current line up includes the X-Treme scooter line up, all of the electric mopeds from e-Motosport, and the Go-Ped ESR750 series. In addition we also represent the Roth-Motorboards 2000XR Motorboard electric scooter.

We are not a stocking distributor but rather an on-line retailer. We have worked hard to differentiate ourselves from the hundreds of other dealers with the same business model as ours by advocating strongly on behalf our clients where warranted to get manufacturer warranty support. In addition, we do our best to be a dealer of choice with our distributors to insure that support comes willingly to our client base.

While there appears to be a ton of negative press around some of the Chinese Imports, our position has been to try and weed out the problematic models, and insure that a prospective client understands the limitations of what product they might be considering, even if it means losing the sale due to our unwillingness to sell a model that we know will not work for the intended application. We've steered 6'4" 275 pound men from commuting on X-360's and kept 65 pound 9 year olds off of ESR750's.

If there is an interest for it, I can share some of our sales stats on various models, against known warranty claims. It will not be a totally accurate representation in that many of the claims are resolved directly with the manufacturer and do not necessarily pass through us. But, it should help give you a feel for what we see happening in the market place. Unfortunately shipping damage continues to be the highest source of warranty complaints.

As a side note we also own and our primary product line includes model aircraft powered by Lithium Polymer and Lithium Ion batteries. In that a lithium cell represents a significant percentage of the investment in a model aircraft, many of the same techniques are used to insure longevity of the cells.

Feel free to contact us at our general email address sales [at] , but I would like to keep as much of the dialog in the public forum as possible for the benefit of the general population.


Tiger Motion, Inc. DBA Neo Scooters

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Re: New to the V is for Voltage Forums

Welcome to the board! :)

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