vectrix charging problem

i have my new 2007 vectrix what i didnt charge for 6 months and now are dead.Black screen ,I can not recharge , when i plug in I can heare some clic noise , but nothig else...i am not eable to recharge the scooter.
I call a vectrix service and somebody told me i need to reset the vectrix to be able to make the charge system work.
I need some help if anyone can tell me what i need to do...

vectrix chrging problem



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There is always a way if there is no other way!

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right hi may help but who knows .sounds like it needs to be shocked to life..

well if the scooter ignition key is in and turned on and the scooter is pushed and you hold the regen .
asif you are using it throttle it forwards and if there is more resistance then this may work but you will

needs to push bike this may be just the tiniest amount to bring the bike back to life .

you all may laugh .??

but i have tryed simlar things over the 25 years i have been dealling with rechargable batteries and the carictistics about them ..
good look ..


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