My First Real Conversion

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After experimenting with an EZ-GO 36V golf cart, an Elec-Trak E-14, and a couple of electric scooters, we decided to go for a real conversion.


We stared with a Kawasaki 110 4-wheeler that we bought well used, and rode for 2 years until the transmission let go. It is not the best looking thing, but mechanically it was pretty good (tires, brakes and suspension).


We test fit the Elec-Trak 12 HP 36V motor before we spent any money.


I ordered a Kelly controls 200Amp 36-48V controller, and "hid" it under the tank. I used John's idea from his 750 conversion blog.


This controller comes with a reversing curcuit that doesn't require an additional contactor.



Next we monuted the motor.

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The first motor mounting had the motor shaft on the same side as the sprocket on the rear axle.


We used 18AH batterys first. This set up was how the first test drive was done. No power off the line, 45+ MPH, 10 minute ride time.

After researching the available sprocket sizes for this platform, I discovered the only way to get the proper gearing was utilizing a jack shaft. I found that McMaster-Carr industrial supply had everything I needed to install the jack shaft for $117 shipped.

After the jack shaft was installed, the ride really came to life. Good power, speed and ride time was significantly increased.


Next was bigger batterys.
I went to a local battery supply company, and scored (4) 12V 24AH batterys, and proceeded to immedietly modify the frame to make them fit. I had to move one down tube about two inches foward. I welded another cross member and re-attached the down tube to the new cross member.


You can see the difference in the pictures above.

Here are the batterys.


And the finished battery installation.


The new batterys and gearing provided over 30 MPH top speed, and 40 minute ride times with 180 lbs rider.

The last thing we did was make the gear changes easier. I stopped at Tractor Supply and pondered over the selection of gears available. I decided to fabricate a hub that would mount to the shaft and accept a sprocket that would bolt on. Tractor Supply has the sprockets and shaft hubs available seperatly, you select the hub and shaft size, then the sprocket with the # of teeth required, and weld the sprocket to the hub.


The far left is the original 24 tooth sprocket from Mcmaster-Carr. I turned the hub down quite a bit to reduce weight. The two loose sprockets are for the new quick change design. I used on sprocket to create the bolt flange, and the other is the actual drive sprocket.


I cut all the teeth off one of the sprockets, and the turned the OD on the lathe to make it nice. Then I turned the hub to make more room for the second sprocket. Then welded the flange to the hub, and drilled the hole to accept the sprocket.


Here it is on the shaft.


This provided about 25 MPH top speed, and 1 hour of ride time off road in the woods.

Total cost of conversion:
Total conversion time:
About 40 hours

New years eve my 71 year old dad came over and took it for a ride. He jumped on and took off and came back all smiles! My aunt and uncle kept screaming at him "slow down!" He proceeded to do some power slides in front of them, and finally got off saying "that thing is awesome!" I think my relatives all thought I was nuts and waisting my time on a useless toy. I believe they think differently now!

My kids love it and are amazed at how well it performs. They rode te 4-wheeler when it was ICE and both say it is quicker and faster now.

Thanks to all on this forum for you help and support!

Mike K.

5 years ago I met Jesus and he total ruined my life. I have never been happier.

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Did the conversion change the center of gravity at all?

"we must be the change we wish to see in the world"

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It weighs a little more than factory, probably by about 50-75 lbs.
With the 35 lb motor and 10 lb (est) shaft and gearing further back, off set some of the weight that ended up toward the front. However it jumps faily straight and lands just like it did when it was ICE. The weight being some what higher than factory has not yet been a problem. It certainly does not seem at all top heavy. (Lucky eyeball engineering?)


5 years ago I met Jesus and he total ruined my life. I have never been happier.

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