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Well another 3 weeks have passed, I am still not riding YET. Other, more important things have taken up every spare minute. The garden is in,
my oldest graduated from high school
went to Cedar Point Park in Ohio,
and I was heavily involved for almost a week in the moving of our work place. Now I have a 6 mile commute to work. :) AND my youngest son broke his arm at Scout camp. He is expected to make a complete recovery. Mostly his pride hurts more than his arm ;).
So finding time to work on the bike has been difficult.
Here is the current status:
2 weeks ago, I went for a short test ride :). My batteries were very low, and everything was hooked up temporary, kind of hanging all over the place. The bike was slow, but I was able to test the low speed handling and balance. I was very happy. A big EV grin :). In the process of changing out some of the bad batteries, I shorted out the controller to the frame, and fried the controller :(. A major rookie error, but that is part of the reason I took on this project, to learn by doing. I have since learned that I MUST disconnect the B+ connection from the controller BEFORE servicing the battery pack. What this has done however, is give me time to complete the balance of the work on the bike, while not being tempted to just ride it, and worry about finishing the "little" things later.
A few days ago, I started the final installation of the body work.
Thursday, July 3rd, I finished the main charging station.
I used a 9 pin trailer style connector, and installed the female side on the main cowl of the bike.
July 4th it was raining here most of the day, so I was able to work on the bike all day. I finished the dash by installing a cycle computer and the Pak-Trakr.
I really like the Pak-Trakr. It is an amazing little tool. For the cycle computer, I chose a Panorama v-12. I used JB QUICK WELD to attach the magnet to the bike wheel. The sensor tie wraps to the fork, and the fender covers it all up so it is protected, and not visable. The display will be attached to the face of the dash with HD velcro.
I have finished the installation of the 2-Power Stream 36 Volt onboard chargers. They fit nicely under the tank. The batteries balanced out pretty well while charging. The Pak-Trakr was very helpful during the testing of the on board chargers. I am in the process of making the extention cord storage area in the tank, so the cord will come out of the gas cap.
So now, as soon as my controller comes back (hopefully by July 12th) I should be able to ride with everything functioning and complete.
That's it for now. I hope my next post is with speed and range information.
I just wanted to thank all who post on this forum. I have used a TON of info from this site. Many of you deserve much thanks. Thanks for the encouragement along the way, and thanks for taking the time to check out my project blog.

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Whoa. Nice. Very clean conversion. I'd have trouble picking it out as electric myself, if I wasn't right next to it. ;)

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dude, its looking NICE.... I almost wanna get a CBR for my next project :)

It turned out great so far! Nice job putting things together.

Those B&D chargers are pretty nice, but you have to set them into their charge mode first... otherwise they default @ 2A SLA. Which is nice, if you forget, they'll at least charge some.

Too bad about the controller... isn't it a kelly? Non isolated.


Travis Gintz
1986 Honda VFR Conversion

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