Li-ION possibilities for either Lectra or a new motorcycle

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I've been pondering the next major phase of my Lectra motorcycle. I'm sure the battery pack will croak "soon" because SLA batteries supposedly have a life of 300 charge cycles (or so) and every time I ride the Lectra to work it is two deep charge cycles and while I haven't been keeping count it's likely the pack I have has 70-100 charge cycles in it right now.

The Lectra has a funny battery compartment geometry. It was originally designed as an electric motorcycle so the area that would normally be a rounded off motor cage is actually a squared off battery compartment. It has two trays each 15x15 inches with approx 7 inches vertical space in the lower tray. Additionally there is a space within the frame behind the battery compartment where I have stashed a pair of batteries. This space is 10 inches wide, 6 inches deep, and 15 inches tall.

Alternatively there are options like the GPR-S or Xtreme 3500li .. where I could get a lithium ION based motorcycle much more easily through an outright purchase rather than locating a suitable pack for my Lectra. Despite what I said the other day about Xtreme's shipping policies, it does appear they're delivering solid bikes that people are enjoying even with some of them arriving damaged.

One result I'd like with the Lectra is a higher voltage. 60v gives me a 47 miles/hr max and I'd like "more" and 72v ought to deliver "more" and I can do that with very little change in the bike. My current pack is 60v in 5 paired batteries meaning that the current pack could be reconfigured as a 120v pack but would mean a new controller.


Their 12v20ah battery is exactly the same footprint as the batteries I'm using. 10 of them at $470 == $4700 (minus this current special discount offer) and it's not clear what to do about chargers. It's also not clear from their site whether these batteries can be connected in parallel. My lectra currently has 10 batteries where they are arranged as 5 pairs of batteries. In any case this would be 60v40ah or slightly less rated capacity than I have right now. This could also be arranged as a 120v20ah total pack.

Their 36v20ah battery is enticing. I could fit four of them in the main trays for a 72v40ah pack. $3500 for batteries. It's again not clear whether their batteries can be parallelized or what precisely to do about chargers. Similarly the 72v10ah pack is the same size and considerations.

Their 48v20ah battery might be possible to fit in the Lectra. Same discussion. Their 96v10ah pack has the same shape and could be interesting except it absolutely would require a new controller. These might also require some frame modifications such as removing the central tray to make one battery compartment. 96v40ah total sounds enticing but I think the total cost would be over $8000...!!!

I don't quite understand the pricing .. 48v20ah appears to be the same battery as 96v10ah (same number of cells, just a different cell arrangement, but at a $120 higher price.


Doesn't have several bits of important information posted on their site such as size, weight or cost.

They have 12v 30ah and 48v 20ah battery packs available. It's not known whether these will fit in my Lectra. The discharge ratings are a bit less than what I'd need in the Lectra. However they're really set up to sell to dealers rather than sell to individuals. There is a group purchase operation happening and I think Joshua has said the posted prices will change in the future.

Elite Power Solutions:-

Is selling packs made from thundersky batteries.

They sell a 60 ah 24 cell pack that looks interesting. Nearly $3000 cost. Each cell is 8.78X4.69X2.49 in and I haven't mapped it out completely but I could probably wedge these into the Lectra. The cost doesn't include a BMS and they do carry a BMS which appears to cost $1700 and then some more for a charger.

I'll have to double check on this but IIRC someone on "V" set up a bike with thundersky batteries and a different BMS.


Is also a thundersky distributor .. they don't have many specifics on the site but offer complete packs, BMS, charger, etc.

Electric Motorsport GPR-S or XM 3500li or waiting for the next model Vectrix or purchasing a current model Vectrix ... Any of these would get me on a higher speed longer range motorcycle with less trouble and maybe less cost than rejiggering my Lectra.

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