Has anyone used a Shockley LifEPO4 Battery Pack??

I am looking into a getting a 36v 10AH pack from Shockley. They sell there stuff on ebay and on http://www.EcoForumZ.com/.

It comes with a nice case, charger and BMS. I asked about the cells used, and they said they are new foil pack 3.2v cells. Has anyone heard of them? Is anyone using this pack? I attached a picture.

From Ebay:

NEW - 36v 10ah Shockley LifePO4 Battery Pack Kithttp://visforvoltage.org/imce/browse#b5e9_1.jpg

Kit Includes The Following:
Shipping within 24 hours insurance included
3 Amp Charger
Battery Management System (BMS)
Aluminum Alloy Case With Fuse
Lock & Keys with On / Off switch
3C rating with 50a amps max

Shockley Lithium Iron Phosphate LifePO4 battery packs are sold exclusively by EcoForumZ.com at this time. We do have a few resellers that will be selling our packs in the near future if you wish to verify if a seller is authorized please visit our website at EcoForumZ.com Others may use the same case but only Shockley LifePO4 battery packs are guaranteed to be brand new LifePO4 cells. Many of the duct tape packs you see online are purchased from the manufactures at a discount because they did not pass inspection, are used, returned, or are defective. I myself have been offered these cells but refuse to sell them even at a discount.


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How big is your motor? These are 1c cells so if you use more than 10 amps it will be likely to wear out fast. A 500 watt motor needs about 20 ah of pack sise to keep the c rate below 1.5 most of the time. Usually you see this sise of battery on 200-300 watt factory ebikes. The prismatic cells can do 3c for a short burst, and 2c is doable, but it will cost you in cycle life. Some users of a 10 ah lifepo4 in a 500 watt bike have found the bms cuts out on hills or starts.

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