Replacement for EV Global E-Bike controller

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Replacement for EV Global E-Bike controller

I'm not a tinkerer, but I am faced with becoming one due to the apparent demise of the controller on my EV Global 36V E-Bike (SX). I can't find a replacement (OEM-style) anywhere. Were I to want to try to put in a "3rd-party" controller, what would a good replacement be (and how could I figure out what a good replacement would be?).

I'm not looking forward to not having the nice features of the whole package (brake light that brightens when braking, warning codes, light, horn, etc), so any ideas about how to potentially keep those would be appreciated. Could I get a 24V controller for the accessories, and buy a 3rd party controller to just hook up the power?

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Re: Replacement for EV Global E-Bike controller

Hi Lindsay

know what you mean, some of those features are useful.

Ebay member Tondawgg lists them periodically and would probably just sell you one if you contact him.
Or does have evg parts also
Brian Kissel of the tidalforce forum has spare parts for evg.

I have the 24v model bike which works right up to 42v peak. do the 24v controllers I think

Otherwise a good electrical engineer might be able to repair your original, save some hassle?

(Just added a 36v 13ah nimh pack from batteryspace to my evg ebike, with a watts up meter. it fits perfectly in the battery bay. Next on wishlist is puma replacement for the heinzmann hub and more batteries to 42v)


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BEWARE of purported Replacement for EV Global E-Bike controller

In regard to OEM EV Global eBike controllers and other purported OEM replacement parts don't support the original eBike's features or options. I discovered that when I ran down a guy in Florida publishing his website as though he was the successor to EV Global. He'll tell you some of the tallest tales and then offer a controller at several times EVG's last published part's list at $180, and as he say's "I bring em in from China"-- anyway, its not OEM and supports nothing on the original 24 or 36-volt versions.

Play it safe with an OEM direct replacement since they support options as Cruise, Lights for brakes and throttle cut-off switch, motor overheat sensor, original throttle, power indicators, and so-forth--

I was fortunate to come across several cases of EVG parts for reserve parts on the bike collection I've assembled since buying my new Benz back in 2000. Good Luck, and good advice is keep your EVG bike OEM for safety

Joseph Alloway

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Re: Replacement for EV Global E-Bike controller

I have the same problem with my 36V Bike. I Purchased a spd-ct660b9 off the web, but I am having trouble wiring it.
If anyone can help, please contact me!


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